'I went to see Joanna after months of stomach discomfort and pain. I had been given medication by the doctor that eased the pain but did not cure the problem. Joanna discovered I still had some of the original infection and was able to give me specific treatment. Even after the first week of treatment I began to feel slightly better and I went back for remedy checks to ensure the dose was correct for me specifically. After a while the infection went completely. I can't recommend Joanna highly enough. She is professional, informative and very responsive to messages. I will not hesitate to go back to see her in the future.''

Sarah K Chelmsford

'I recently booked an appointment for my 9 year old daughter, who had quite a severe skin rash. Joanna is very good with children. The treatment was very successful and 3 months later it has completely cleared up, after just one follow-up appointment. Would definitely recommend.''

Fiona, Chelmsford

‘Joanna Willsher is highly professional, yet friendly and proficient at putting you at your ease. I am comfortable discussing personal medical issues with her. In turn she is very adept at explaining exactly what she is doing at any time, and out lining what treatments she is suggesting and why. I have suffered from migraines and cluster headaches for over twenty years and after just two months of treatment I am trouble free - and I cannot be more grateful as this condition was ruining my life. The second issue I presented her with was my severe psoriasis.

It is too early to claim it has all gone but after two months the flakiness has eased considerably, the redness has abated, and the itching has all but disappeared.

Highly recommended - and indeed I went to Joanna by recommendation from someone else. What she does works.’

Michael S, Bishops Stortford

‘I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 16 years and was not only on tablets from the Dr but on a severely restricted diet. Yet still I was in pain, very uncomfortable, had spasms of the intestines, bloated and so forth. I was getting worse and worse and was beginning to wonder if any food suited me. It felt as if I should be living on air alone if my digestive system was to ever settle. I didn’t know what to do about it as I had reduced my diet as much as I possibly could have done.

Then I heard about Joanna and my mother persuaded me to visit her. I had never thought about spending money on trying to sort out my health problem but it was pretty much the best money I ever spent!

I found the initial interview very interesting when she diagnosed all sorts of things and then said it would take a year to put right. However, within 6 months my treatment was finished. In fact within 2-3 weeks I was beginning to eat normally again and it got better and better. I was eating foods I had not eaten for 16 years! Salad, fruit, vegetables, nuts, cereals, bread and the list goes on and on.

I have such a great appreciation for what Joanna did for me and have recommended her to so many people who have also visited her and had good results for their various ailments.

Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend Joanna. She is very approachable and professional and everything is confidential. She is calm and understanding and her clinic is clean and comfortable. I hope that everyone can have the amazing result that I did.’

Bridget B, Hull

‘I'd been suffering from IBS-like symptoms for approximately six years before I hit rock bottom and contacted Joanna in May 2014. I'd been to various doctors, tested for all sorts of digestive related problems and told to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight!

I was dismissed as having IBS and told to keep a food diary to eliminate the cause. It was quite normal for me to visit the toilet up to six times each morning before I felt well enough to leave the house. I rarely socialised and when I did, I'd insist on checking out the location of toilets wherever I went.

Following a particularly bad episode at work where I hadn't made it to the toilet in time, I vowed this condition would not control my life any longer. I'm based in Southampton, approximately 3 hours away from the Clinic but Joanna was really accommodating and able to fit in around my availability.

I was quite sceptical to start with, until I met Joanna the clinic in Essex who put me at ease immediately and completely understood my problem. She took some details about my life history and using non-invasive, non-surgical means, she was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with me.

She diagnosed me as having all kinds of problems with my large and small intestine and explained how the gut works, which really helped me to understand why my body was reacting to certain food groups. She told me I had evidence of traces of salmonella and various other bacteria in my system, including the norovirus. We estimated it may have been the norovirus which triggered all my symptoms, which I had contracted in Christmas 2008. She put me on a course of flushing solutions and remedies and I revisited her every 4-6 weeks to check on progress. I was initially concerned what effect it might have on my body as it started to de-tox, but I needn't have worried. The remedies were given to me in liquid form which I added to a litre of water every day. The only impact it had on my body was to make me need to wee more often.

I'm delighted to say, after just 4 months of taking the remedies, all my symptoms have gone. I feel like I have a completely new body - my hair and skin are much healthier, I have more energy, and I've lost one stone in weight just from flushing the bacteria out of my system.

I owe Joanna a huge debt of gratitude - she truly has changed my life for the better. I can now start to re-introduce different food groups back into my diet which I haven't been able to digest properly in years.

If anyone out there is reading this and still not sure it's right for you, please contact her. It's the best decision I ever made.’

Debbie E, Southampton

‘Having come almost to the end of my treatment, I have been assessing how differently I feel compared with a few months ago.

The osteoarthritis which was giving me pain in my knee and hip joints has been treated so successfully that my movements are fluid - before treatment my walking had become stiff, with the steps increasingly shortened - that was because of the hip joints - and painful if I did not place my feet carefully to avoid jarring the knees. I was aware of improvement very quickly and was delighted that it continued. Now, at the end of the treatment, of course my knees are still knobbly, but the inflammation causing pain has gone. My fingers are also improved as regards closing them.

There were positive and welcome changes in other aspects of my health, for example, long-standing pains in the neck went.

I may add that over the years I have had acupuncture and massage therapy, which gave some relief though never permanent.

The Willsher Clinic treatment has made a really noticeable change to my everyday life – something I value hugely and for which I want to thank you.’

Liz H, London

‘The Willsher Clinic has been brilliant at treating chest conditions for myself and my son Edward, who is three years old. Joanna works with children extremely well and has managed to treat our pathogens and improve our state of health. Joanna is very professional and always responds quickly to any queries or questions regarding treatment. I would totally recommend Joanna for anyone who is seeking treatment.’

Rachael H, Guildford

‘I came to Joanna desperate for help with my skin, a year after having my first child I had an acne breakout and medication from the doctor was no help, the warnings that came along with the tablets were enough to make it not want to take them!

I was after an alternative to help clear my skin in a way that didn't affect my whole body. After 3 days of taking the remedies Joanna had given me I was having great results, my skin had a glow back and although not completely clear (there's no cure for hormones!) I was feeling so much more confident and could see results fast!

Joanna also gave me a remedy for my cold sores that I have suffered with on and off since a child and so far so good, not a cold sore in sight.

I could not have asked for better results and recommend Joanna all the time and although it's not a cheap process it's worth every penny and in my opinion it's a treatment everyone should try before going to the doctors! Thank you.’

Amy B, Colchester

‘I visited Joanna with various problems, constipation, very low energy, wanting to sleep all the time and headaches. Joanna tested me and found I had quite a few problems including a low level malaria infection. It only took a few visits to treat my problems, and a few months later, I feel like a new person. I would totally recommend The Willsher Clinic. Thank you so much.’

Susan E, Chelmsford

‘I came to The Willsher Clinic because I had been feeling ill for 2 years, I was feeling very tired and had no energy and was just about managing to go to work. I would spend my weekends collapsed on the sofa unable to do the housework or ironing or enjoy myself. I was under specialists in London who could not find out why my haemoglobin levels in my blood kept going down and I had to have 9 blood transfusions. The Clinic diagnosed me straight away as suffering from a mild form of malaria, within a few weeks of taking the remedies I started to feel a lot better.

I am now fully recovered and leading a normal life and can at last attend my body pump class again.

Without the help of the Clinic I would probably still be feeling ill, I just wish that I had known about them earlier. I have no hesitation in recommending The Willsher Clinic.’

Elaine R, Chelmsford

‘For the last 20 years I have been suffering with heart palpitations. I’ve had heart scans and been on heart monitors but no abnormalities showed apart from the irregular beats. I was told to cut caffeine completely out of my diet, but it didn’t stop the palpitations. I’ve also been on beater blockers but this didn’t help either.

I went to see Joanna Willsher about the problem and during my first visit she found what was causing the palpitations. After taking the remedies I was amazed at the results, my palpitations had disappeared.

During the initial consultation I asked if there was anything to help with the acid indigestion and heartburn that I was getting. Joanna found the cause and within a few weeks the heartburn was gone completely. No more taking indigestion relief tablets!

The Willsher Clinic treatment has made a huge difference to me and I would recommend Joanna to anyone.’

Lauren K, Chelmsford

‘After years of suffering with IBS and numerous Medical Investigations, I found Joanna's website. The treatment I have had with her has helped reduce my symptoms significantly and has been money well spent.

Joanna was always available by phone to advise me on any queries I had with my treatment and is highly recommended.’

Melanie B, Brentwood

‘I developed asthma as an adult with flare ups at the same time every year, i decided to try Homeopathy. Having an in depth consultation with Joanna was fascinating and i was eager to try the treatment. I didn’t realise how quickly it would work and although at times my asthma became really bad, Joanna assured me that it was part of the healing process. As a result, my asthma nurse does not prescribe me now with a preventer, though i do still have my ventolin for emergencies, i have probably only used it a handful of times in the last two years. I medically will always have asthma but thanks to Joanna, i no longer suffer from it.’

Emma C, Halstead