The Treatment

During an appointment, a testing method called Bio-Electric Functions Diagnosis (BFD) is used in conjunction with pathogenic test materials to assess the health of the body’s organs and to pinpoint exactly which pathogens are causing your condition.

There are pressure points on the hands and feet that are linked to every part of the body. During a consultation, the patient holds a cylindrical electrode in one hand whilst Joanna touches the acupuncture pressure points on the hands and feet with a painless non-invasive metal probe to instigate a reading on the BFD machine.

High readings are indicative of inflammation and infection in the body.

A major advantage of the BFD test is that it simultaneously identifies the exact dilution ratio of the specific remedy to eliminate the pathogen from the body and return the body to a healthy state.

Remedies are prescribed for each pathogen detected, which are taken daily in water with detoxifying drainages until the next appointment. Positive improvements in your condition are usually apparent from the first month of treatment.


  • Initial Consultation £85
  • Follow up Consultations £35 each
  • Remedies £15 each
  • Detoxifying Drainages £25 each